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    CCUVS is a Canadian national change agent, a non-profit

    corporation whose purpose is to facilitate sustained,

    profitable growth of the Canadian unmanned systems sector.
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Canadian Unmanned Incorporated is the exclusive UAV training provider of the CCUVS.

All ground school training is provided by Canadian Unmanned.

The one and a half day ground school offers aviation subject theory important to Transport Canada on SFOC submissions.

Special Flight
Operating Certificate

CCUVS assists in the preparation of industry submissions using their knowledge and expertise to make each submission concise and complete.

Over 85 submissions have been submitted since 2007, earning CCUVS a solid reputation and respect from Transport Canada.

UAS Catapult /
Launcher System

Since 2008, the CCUVS has provided a world class unique turnkey launching solution to customers around the globe.

This service allows the customer to lease the launcher for UAS trials and development purposes, saving capital costs early in the product development stages.

Range Services

Don't delay your training and development requirements any longer...

The Foremost Centre for Unmanned Systems in Southeast Alberta is a safe and proven training ground for new UAS operators and crews who want to develop high level operating skills within a large controlled operating area.  CCUVS ensures that every flight is well planned and monitored and the maximum amount of training is extracted from each flight.

Foremost is the first UAS training and development range of its kind in North America. CCUVS has conducted several successful Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) operations and training sessions at Foremost. With the creation of 700 square nautical miles of Restricted Airspace, CCUVS is now taking reservations for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) UAS operations.

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