Robonic UAS Catapult

CCUVS catapult with DT-25 CCUVS catapult with DT-25 "Hot Nose" ready for launch on the Obendorf Missile Range South Africa 2011

The Robonic MC2555LLR UAS Catapult

CCUVS provides a turnkey UAS launching service to Canadian and international clients and is the only system of its kind in the world that is offered for lease. This availability gives an edge to the Canadian UAS industry.

This catapult service is provided year round and is available globally. It has operated locally and as far away as the Toetsbaan Test Range in South Africa. CCUVS has safely conducted close to 300 successful launches since 2008.

For additional information on the catapult please contact us.

Robonic USA Launcher with DT-25 CCUVS launcher with DT-25 & 55 on the rails working in conjunction with Cassidian Launchers at NAMFI Crete 2013