Meet Our Team

Sterling Cripps

Sterling Cripps CD1

Chief Operations Officer

Sterling has been with the CCUVS since 2007. Prior to joining the CCUVS he spent over 20 years in the Canadian Military as a Clearance Diving Officer and Public Affairs Officer serving on both coasts and overseas. As the Chief Operating Officer of the CCUVS, he has been responsible for developing a UAS training course for civil and commercial operators of small UAS. He was also the driving force in developing a UAS training manual with Aviation Publishers out of Ottawa, that is the premise for the course. This book is the first of its kind published for purely civil and commercial purposes. Sterling is also the prime operator and maintainer for the CCUVS Robonic MC2555LLR UAS catapult. This launcher / catapult is a world class system that is capable of launching a variety of UAS in extreme operating conditions. Sterling maintains a current Commercial Pilots License, and is currently working on the development of a UAS Training and Test Centre in Foremost Alberta.

Doug Hanna

Doug Hanna

Chief Technical Officer

Doug Hanna was born and raised in Diamond City, Alberta. He received both a bachelor's and master's degree in mechanical engineering from Brigham Young University. Mr. Hanna began working for the Canadian Department of Defence at Defence R&D Canada - Suffield, near Medicine Hat, Alberta, in 1982 conducting research in ground vehicle mobility. He became Head/Vehicle Concepts Group in 1987 than Head/Tactical Vehicle Systems Section in 1996. Over approximately 10 years, he was instrumental in advancing a more comprehensive program in robotics research. The culmination of this effort was program growth and the reorganization of the previous section to the current Autonomous Intelligent Systems Section, of which he is the current section head.